I enjoy you

Hello, my name is Austin. I live in a small town in New Jersey.There isn't much to know about me that you can't find out by talking to me. I'm pretty much an open book. Here's just a little bit. Music, Art, Reading, Writing, Friends, and Family is pretty much my life. I usually follow back, so why not follow me?


dont let my erection fool you i am actually very sad

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going to underline something in pen and accidentally crossing it out


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we’re up all night to get l

axatives for this horrible diarrhea

if you’re about to take laxatives for diarrhea then I’ve got some urgent news for you comrade

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things that should be allowed to be used in essays:

  • i shit you not
  • you feel me
  • no but get this
  • i’m just sayin
  • let me explain you a thing
  • and yeah
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